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Mon-Fri:7:30AM to 5:30PM


New York State corporation established in 1965. One and a half acres of buildings, parking and customer waiting areas. In-house body, mechanical, and electrical service. D.M.V. registered repair shop #2600769. Registered used car dealer #7063749.


  • Inverta spot resistance welder.
  • Weilander & Schill MIG welder.
  • Nitrogen Plastic welder.
  • Three station preparation zone with trolley lift.
  • State of the Art down draft spray booths with integrated lift, which produce original equipment manufacturer's type of color and finish.
  • Computerized paint formula retrieval and mixing system.
  • Seven frame and unibody machines which are capable of holding the vehicle stationary during structural and body pulls, for all types of vehicles to be repaired.

Use of three measuring systems:

  • Vision, and electronic system which is capable of producing before and after measurement printouts.
  • Fixture Jigs, as used in factory assembly lines.

Celette dedicated fixtures as used in factory assembly lines. Recently with the introduction of aluminum structures being produced by higher end vehicle manufactures, has it become popular for the use of dedicated fixtures. This type of measurement system is the most accurate type that there is available. Here at Francesco Auto Body this is not news.

We having been utilizing Celette since the early eighties. This measurement is not only for use on high-end vehicles but in fact can also be used on other vehicles.

These measuring systems have the capabilities of measuring upper and lower body dimensions for all types of vehicles to be repaired.

  • Car-O-Liner, a manual system
  • Thirteen lifts to elevate vehicles for underbody damage inspection and diagnosis.
  • Three Lincoln MIG welders.
  • One ProSpot resistance welder, able to reproduce O.E.M. spot welds.
  • Tools cable to remove and re-install suspension, engine, and drive-train components when necessary.
  • Computerized wheel alignment and balancing machine (Hunter)
  • European tire mounting machine.
  • Laser guided computerized headlamp aimer.
  • Machines to evacuate and recharge R-12 and 134A air conditioning systems.
  • Computerized engine analyzer, lab scopes, and scanners to diagnose ABS, SRS, AC and engine performance.
  • NYS Emissions inspection machine.
  • Use of Mitchell On-Demand computerized information system for wire diagrams, bulletins, and specifications.
  • Use of CCC Pathways electronic estimating system and digital photography for the transfer and storage of estimated data to the vendor host.

Mechanic Services

  • Computerized Engine Diagnosis and Repairs
  • 2 & 4 Wheel Alignment for Limos and Trucks
  • Mufflers - Lifetime Warranty
  • Shocks - Lifetime Warranty
  • Full Glass Replacement
  • N.Y.S. Inspection
  • Towing
  • Oil Changes
  • Batteries
  • Springs
  • Tires
  • Locks
  • Detailing
  • Pin Striping


We are a direct service provider for:

  • Allstate Ghrn Shop
  • Geico GRS
  • Geico ARX
  • The Hartford CRSP
  • Liberty Mutual TLC
  • GMAC - National General Insurance
  • ESurance
  • Encompass

We settle claims with all other insurance carriers not listed


  • Twenty five employees
  • One Electrical engineer
  • One Industrial engineer
  • New York State Certified Technicians
  • ASE Certified Master Auto Technicians
  • I-Car Certified
  • Member SAE

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