Do not use a machine car wash for the first 30 days after picking up your vehicle. If possible, wash the vehicle by hand with a mild car wash soap using a sponge or clean soft cloth. Do not apply wax or polish to the newly painted areas for at least 60 days, as this will cause problems with the paint curing process.
Do not use a car cover for at least 60 days. This will cause moisture to be trapped on the painted surface, which will cause watermarks in the finish.
Yes. There are myths that if the vehicles frame structure is bent or damaged that it will never be the same again. This is false, if the shop performing the repairs has the proper equipment and training, a vehicle frame structure can be returned to its factory specifications. In some instances where the component is beyond repair, the vehicle manufacturer services replacement components to replace the damaged sections.
The insurance company declares a vehicle a total loss, when the cost of repairs exceeds the determined value of your vehicle.
We can provide you with this service if needed within a limited area. Please speak with your service advisor for further details.
We can arrange for a rental with outside Rental Company. In most instances we can have them directly bill your insurance company, providing you have the proper coverage on your policy. To see if you have this coverage and how much your insurance will cover per day, contact your agent or insurance company for further details prior to obtaining a rental vehicle. (The rental company will require an valid drivers license and major credit card in order the obtain a rental vehicle.)
A direct repair shop is a facility that is a direct service provider for that particular insurance company. Once the claim has been approved, we will appraise your damaged vehicle and direct bill your insurance company accordingly. This will avoid the need to wait for a staff adjuster to come and inspect your vehicle, thus speeding up the repair process.
We can still negotiate your claim. They will send out there staff appraiser to inspect your vehicle. The best place to have your vehicle inspected is at the shop that will be performing the repairs. This will ensure that items will not be overlooked so that your vehicle will be restored to pre-accident condition.
No, most often the insurance estimate is lower than ours. This could be due to a difference in hourly rates or estimator judgment items. In this case we would contact the insurance company and negotiate the differences, and they will do what is called a supplement. If the original payment already has been issued, they will issue an additional check for the supplement damages once negotiated.
Vehicle repair times differ, depending on the amount of damage sustained to your vehicle. The service advisor will give you a target date of completion. Please be advised that this date may change if additional damage is found once the repairs have been started. We will contact you if additional damage is found to give you a rescheduled target date of completion.
Yes. If your vehicle is still drivable, most insurance companies prefer ordering the parts in advance to reduce the rental costs. If the vehicle were unsafe to drive we would ask you to leave your vehicle and then order the necessary parts. In some instances a deposit may be required.
The deductible will paid to the repair shop when you pick up your vehicle.
Please call to set up an appointment with your service advisor.
Bondo was used years ago and misused by many, giving it a bad name. Today different types of polyester filler materials are available providing a more durable repair. If the metal of the panel being repaired is brought back to its original state, the use of filler will be minimal.

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